Crystalbond™ 509

Now available in 3 standard colors and both round sticks and rectangular bars

Crystalbond 509 offers excellent adhesion to metals, glass, and ceramic. This material is the best for precise high purity work since it leaves no residue after dissolving and does not clog the diamond wheel as compared to conventional waxes.

Each stick weighs about 90 grams. The rectangular bars come without any wrapping in a clean plastic sleeve, 5 bars to a sleeve.



50400-01 Crystalbond 509 Round Stick each
50400-01-R Crystalbond 509 Rectangular Bars 5 Bars/Sleeve
50400-05 Crystalbond 509 Round Sticks 5/pk
50400-50 Crystalbond 509 Round Amber Stick each
50400-50-R Crystalbond 509 Rectangular Amber Bars 5 Bars/Sleeve
50400-55 Crystalbond 509 Round Turquoise Stick each
50400-55-R Crystalbond 509 Rectangular Turquoise Bars 5 Bars/Sleeve
50400-S1 Crystalbond 509 Stripper 1 qt
50400-S2 Crystalbond 509 Stripper 1 gal
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