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Cell strainers

pluriStrainer is available in 15 mesh sizes from 1-500 µm. Its unique design features improved ventilation to avoid clogging. The pluriSelect cell strainer - pluriStrainer is a sterile sieving device to obtain real single cell suspensions or to remove cell aggregates. Furthermore it can be combined with a Connector Ring (41-50000-03) to use low pressure which supports the filtration. pluriStrainer® are stackable to allow direct filtration with different mesh sizes. pluriStrainer® can be inverted to recover the sieved material. For large sample volumes it can be combined with a funnel. It fits into any 50 mL centrifuge (conical) tube.


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pluriStrainer - Features

pluriStrainer - cell strainer Attach pluriStrainer® to a sterile 50 mL centrifuge tube. Then, add sample material onto the strainer and filter sample. pluriStrainer - cell strainer - reversed Reversed
To obtain the larger fraction, take off the pluriStrainer®, turn it upside down onto another 50 mL tube and flush back the sample from the pluriStrainer®.
pluriStrainer - cell strainer with funnel With Funnel
You can add up to 24 mL sample material on top.
pluriStrainer - cell strainer stacked Stacked
Stacking of pluriStrainer® with different mesh sizes allows for straining various cell sizes at the same time.
pluriStrainer - cell strainer with Connector Ring With Connector Ring
Allows to control the rate of flow by opening or closing the Luer-Lock, e.g. for physical dissociation of primary tissue (brain, spleen etc.).
pluriStrainer - cell strainer With Connector Ring + Syringe
If you add a syringe to the Connector Ring, it is possible to force low pressure to support the straining of rough sample material while pulling the piston.




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