pluriBead® - non-magentic microdisperse microparticles for cell separation

pluriBead® is a unique cell separation technology that works without any magnetic components. The procedure is simple: You sieve your pluriBead (with bound target cells) down a strainer - the pluriBeads with your target cells stay on top, the unwanted cells run through. After detaching, you have your target cells ready.


Note: Use in combination with reagent kits!


Cell Separation Scheme
pluriBead - Labeling pluriBead - Incubation pluriBead - Washing pluriBead - Detachment
Bead Sizes - S-Beads & M-Beads

                                      S-pluriBeads        M-pluriBeads


Sample Material

pluriBead can be used to isolate targets from a wide spectrum of biological fluids such as whole blood, buffy coat, cell culture and PMBC. 

Note: Each sample material needs different treatment.


Universal Beads

Universal beads are developed for use with any external antibody. They carry monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies produced from the serum of a host animal and are available for 5 different species.


  • You have a specific antibody but no technology to apply it to.
  • You need a specific antibody and want to test product performances.


Multi Target Cell Separation

The pluriBead technology allows to obtain different target cells out of one sample by distinct methods:

pluriBead Cascade - Simultaneous Multi Target Cell Separation

pluriBead Cascade

Allows simultaneous multi target cell separation.
You can isolate two different cell types at once.



pluriBead - Step by Step

Allows sequential multi target cell separation. 
You can isolate five or more cell types from one sample material. 


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