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"If you can handle gradient centrifugation, then you can handle pluriSpin®,too."

The pluriSpin® system is a new negative cell isolation technology directly from whole blood, buffy coat or cord blood. This new method isolates viable untouched and highly purified cells in one step without magnets or column. That minimizes the risk of activating or damaging the cells of interest.


pluriSpin - Illustration

The system contains a immunodensity cell isolation reagent (pluriSpin®)
Cells isolated using the pluriSpin system are immediately available for your applications like cell stimulation and cytotoxicity assays. Because the isolated cells are functional with minimal manipulation they are perfect for cultivation, differentiation, compound screening, and other HTS applications that require viable, functional cells with minimal manipulation.

Advantages of pluriSpin®

  • Fast and Easy
    Isolate cells from whole blood, buffy coat or cord blood in as little as 30 minutes with pluriSpin and the optimized protocol with standard density gradient centrifugation.
  • No Special Training or Equipment
    pluriSpin does not need special instruments or magnets. All you need is a mixing device, e.g. a wipping rolling mixer or our adapter for your magnetic stirrer (pluriPlix)
  • Highly Viable and Functional Cells
    Isolated cells are functional, flow cytometry-compatible, and unlabeled with antibodies or magnetic beads.

How pluriSpin Works

To separate your cells of interests from whole blood, buffy coat or cord blood, simply incubate your sample with the appropriate amount of pluriSpin and perform a standard density gradient centrifugation. pluriSpin binds unwanted cells t. These bead labeled cells pellet during centrifugation, leaving untouched, highly purified target cells at the interface between the plasma and the density gradient medium. Simply aspirate the purified cells from the plasma:density gradient medium interface into a new tube.

Flow Cytometry Histogram Results Using pluriSpin® Human Monocyte Enrichment

Start: 7% CD14+ cells in whole blood Enriched: 88.6% CD14+ cells
pluriSpin - monocytes before enrichment Monocytes enriched
CD14 CD14

Starting with fresh peripheral blood, the CD14+ cell content of the enriched fraction is typically 84% - 92%.


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