Latex Gloves

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StarGuard® TOUCH

PPE Cat III Complex Design. AQL 1.5
Natural Latex Glove. Fully Textured.
Length: 245 mm. 100* Gloves per Box.

Secure grip and tactile sensitivity

StarGuard® TOUCH is a comfortable, fully-textured latex glove that provides a secure, consistent grip and excellent tactile sensitivity.

  • Excellent grip in both wet and dry conditions
  • Great elasticity for comfort during long periods of wear
  • Ideal for work that requires great dexterity

Recommended for use when:

  • Durable comfort is required for lasting wear
  • Working with blood-borne pathogens
  • Secure and consistent grip is necessary for handling small instruments
  • Tactile sensitivity is a must for working with a range of different instruments

Secure latex grip

Latex gloves are ideal for work with small instruments. StarGuard® TOUCH are fully textured for a secure, consistent grip with the tactile sensitivity of latex. Latex gloves provide the best elasticity in a disposable glove, as well as excellent barrier protection against blood-borne pathogens and other biohazards, water miscible substances, weak acids, and alkalis (pH 4 – 10).
Cat No. Glove Size Pack Size  
SG-T-XS Extra Small 10 x 100  
SG-T-S Small 10 x 100  
SG-T-M Medium 10 x 100  
SG-T-L Large 10 x 100  
SG-T-XL Extra Large 10 x 90  

*XL = 90 Gloves

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