Pipet Controller - Manual

Manual Pipet Controller 


StarPet Safety Filler
  • Suitable for use with all 1-100ml glass or plastic pipettes
  • Robust, lightweight and easy to use
  • Simple thumb button operation
  • Autoclavable and replaceable silicone pipette holder
  • Easily maintained, simply clean with a damp cloth
  • Supplied with a 0.45µm filter and extra pipette cones


Use with STARLAB's Serological Pipettes

Cat. No. Description Pack Size  
E4866-1000 StarPet Safety Filler 1  
E4266-0890 0.2µm Filter 5  
E4266-0030 0.45µm Filter 5  
E4266-2000 Silicone Pipette Holder 1  





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