Pipette Stands and Pipette Holders

Pipette Stands and Pipette Holders


Universal Pipette Carousel Stand
  • Holds up to 8 ErgoOne® pipettes
  • Universal! Holds many other manufacturer's pipettes too
  • UV-resistant. Ideal for use in the hood

Suitable for use with ErgoOne®, Biohit®, Finn®, Gilson®, Rainin® and many other brands.

(Pipettes sold separately.)
Cat No. Description    
S7200-0000 Universal Pipette Carousel Stand    

Universal Acrylic Pipette Stand
  • Made from frosted, yellow acrylic
  • Holds 5 single-channel pipettes
  • Holds most multi-channels too
  • For use with manual pipettes such as Biohit®, Eppendorf®, Finn® Gilson®, Rainin® and StarPet® amongst others
Cat No. Description  
E3099-0000 Pipette Stand  

Acrylic Stand for StarPet E Pipettes
Cat No. Description  
G9999-0003 Acrylic Stand (holds 3 pipettes)  

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