Non-Sterile Reagent Reservoirs

Reagent Reservoirs, Non-Sterile


StarTub PP
  • High quality reusable reagent reservoir
  • Autoclavable polypropylene
  • Capacity: 60ml
Cat. no. Description Pack size  
S4026-5806 60ml StarTub PP Reagent Reservoir 10  

StarTub PVC
  • PVC reservoir for single-use
  • Capacity: 55ml
Cat. no. Description Pack size  
E2310-1000 55ml StarTub PVC Reagent Reservoir 100  

CAPP® Origami
  • Durable polypropylene reservoirs
  • Shipped flat, ready to be flicked into shape
  • V-shaped bottom
  • 30ml for use with 8 or 16-channel pipettes
  • 40ml for use with 12-channel pipettes
Cat. No.   Description Pack Size
E2310-0505   30ml CAPPOrigami Reservoir 50
E2310-0510   40ml CAPPOrigami Reservoir 50

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