Scintillation Vials

Scintillation Vials 

HDPE vials with leak-proof screw cap. Compatible with all liquid scintillation counters. Also suitable for use on the 930-FRAC collection unit of the AKTA® Protein Purification System. Heavy wall minimises solvent loss. Temperature use: -50 ºC to 80 ºC.


Made of polypropylene and high density polyethylene

This general purpose vial can be used for liquid scintillation counting, gamma counting, chromatography, sample storage and culturing. It will fit very nicely into the LKB and Packard Varisette counters. The shoulderless vial features a full width opening of 12.5 mm and the overall dimensions are 16 x 57 mm. The exclusive SNAPTWIST®closures are made of high-flow polypropylene and are a true time saver.


The vials can be securely sealed by simply snapping the caps on; removal of caps requires an easy 1/4 turn (twist). The ease with which these caps can be manipulated eliminates the danger of spillage associated with other push-on/pull-off caps. A built-in positive lock prevents the cap from popping off because of a small build-up of pressure in the vial. The quality of the sealing system is such that it is not necessary to tighten the closure with pressure to achieve a leakproof seal.


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