Plate Centrifuge


You spin me round!

The Plate Centrifuge makes the safe and quick spin down of droplets and condensation very easy. Just open the lid, insert the plates, close the lid and start. The centrifuge accepts all plates up to 25 mm high and an optional adaptor is available for centrifuging 48-well PCR plates and 0.2ml PCR tubes or strips.

  • Accommodates two plates
  • Quick spin down of droplets and condensation
  • Use before and after thermal cycling to increase PCR yield
  • Accepts skirted, semi-skirted and non-skirted plates, up to 25mm high
  • Less than quarter the size of most plate centrifuges
  • 2-year warranty


Cat. No.        Description        Pack Size  
N2631-0008   Plate Centrifuge   1  
N2631-0018   Adapter for 48-Well Plates and 0.2ml Strips and Tubes   2  
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