Plastic Cages & Wire Lids

UNO Conventional cages


UNO Plastic cages are made of top quality plastics. The cages can be cleaned in an autoclave, are fully transparent and non-fading. The use of this type of cage has already become a byword in the trade..

More information on the material used and cleaning instructions can be found here...

Type I Type I L Type II Type II L Type III Type III H Type IV Type IVS
Dimensions Bottom
204x100mm 300x120mm 225x167mm 325x170mm 382x220mm 378x217mm 556x334mm 439x319mm
Dimensions top
235x150mm 332x150mm 267x208mm 345x180mm 427x267mm 427x267mm 600x380mm 500x380mm
Floor area
204cm2 360cm2 375cm2 553cm2 840cm2 820cm2 1.875cm2 1.400cm2
130mm 130mm 140mm 140mm 150mm 180mm 195mm 208mm
297gr 465gr 485gr 611gr 975gr 1.165gr 2.150gr 1.910gr
031200123 031200134 031200129 031200200 031200256 031200133 031200126 031200135
x 031200134U 031200129U 031200202U 031200256U 031200205U 031200126U 031200135U
Polypropylene, Polystyrene and Polyetherimide
Available on special request!
Polycarbonate cages WITHOUT stackingnobs
031200123 031200131 031200124 x 031200125 031200132 x x

UNO Stainless Steel Wire Covers


The UNO Stainless Steel wire covers are intended for the cages of the matching type and are therefore exchangeable. The covers are made of stainless steel wire and are electro-polished. The wire lid can hold both food and a drinking bottle with drinking tube.
Regular Wire lids:       
 Type I
 Type IL Type II-S   Type III-S  Type IV  Type IVS 
for cage type I for cage type IL

for cage type II

for cage type III & IIIH for cage type IV for cage type IVS
wire lid with integrated divider and drinking hole protection plate


 030100061  030100155 030100059   030100075  030100070  030100173
Raised wire lids:
Type III-H  Type IV-H
for cage III & IIIH for cage IV

030100160 030100171




Stainless Steel dividers to separate drinking bottle and food in the wire lid are available.

                                       Removable divider                                                 

fixed/foldable divider (can be folded when lids need to be stacked)

For wire lid  Type I
Type IL  Type IIL     Type IIIH Type IV   Type IVS
Removable 030100062   030100255  030100175  030100055  030100069  030100065
Fixed / Foldable  X  030100256  
030100175   030100056  X    X


Stainless Steel labelholders

DIN A7 74x105mm

Din A6 105*148mm
 Code: 030100181 
Other sizes and models available on request.
Scrapers, polypropylene

code nr.: 141300090                 small: 75mm
code nr.: 141300091                large: 110mm
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