Microplate Mixer

Compact and versatile!

This microplate mixer is ideal for the mixing and shaking of standard microtiter plates. It can hold either one or two plates, depending on the attachment being used, and can also mix tubes with the special tube adapter accessories. The stepless, variable vibration speed is excellent for applications such as the resuspending of pellets. The small footprint saves space on your bench.

  • Compact design
  • Easy to use
  • Speed control
  • Various accessories for microtiter plate and tubes
  • Two-year warranty


Cat. No.       Description       Pack Size  
N2400-8040   Microplate Mixer   1  
N2400-8042   Microtitre Attachment for Two Plates   1  
N2400-8043   Microplate Mixer Adapter Plate for use with N2400-6012 & N2400-6013   1  
N2400-6012   Tube Adapter for 15 x 1.5/2.0ml Microcentrifuge Tubes up to 10mm diam.*   1  
N2400-6013   Tube Adapter for 8 x 15ml Centrifuge Tubes up to 16mm diam.*   1  

*N2400-6012 & N2400-6013 can only be used as an attachment on the Microplate Mixer in combination with N2400-8043. 
(N2400-6012 & N2400-6013 can also be used with STARLAB'S Vortex (N2400-6010, -6110) in combination with its adapter N2400-6015.)

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