Rocking Shaker

Shaken, not stirred!
STARLAB offers two similar shakers but with different movements: see-saw rocking or 3D. Both shakers have a fixed tilt angle and provide two shaking modes: continuous or timer. The digital speed and timer displays ensures ease of use. An alternative platform is also available separately, making these shakers suitable for a wide range of applications including various blotting, cultivation and incubation techniques.
  • See-saw rocking or 3D mixing
  • LCD Display for speed and time
  • Two operating modes: continuous and timed
  • Alternative platform with clamping rolls available
  • Small footprint
  • Two-year warranty


Cat. No.       Description        Pack Size  
N2400-8010   Rocking Shaker   1  
N2400-8020   3D Rocking Shaker   1  
N2400-8011   Universal Platform with Clamping Rolls   1  
N2400-8021   Universal Platform with Bungee Cords   1  
N2400-8010 and N2400-8020 are both supplied with a universal platform with bungee cords (N2400-8021).
N2400-8011 and N2400-8021 can also be used on the orbital shaker (N2400-8030).
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