Accesories Vortex IR

Accesories Vortex IR
Simple but revolutionary!


Vortex IR incorporates an optional infrared (IR) motion detector which automatically starts the vibration when a tube crosses the sensor field. The variable vibration speed allows low speeds for the gentle mixing of samples or higher speeds for vigorous vortex mixing and the resuspending of cells or chemical pellets.

  • Ergonomic, low-profile design and anti-slide feet for bench stability
  • 'Sensor' mode: Infrared detects the presence of the test tube and automatically starts vibration
  • 'Continuous' mode: with the possibility to combine with the wide range of accessories to suit the most diverse of needs
  • No pressure required to maintain vibration
  • Electronic speed control
  • Use in cold rooms or incubators - operating temperature range of 5°C to 40°C
  • Versatile - a range of accessories allows various tubes, and even plates, to be mixed
  • Two-year warranty


Cat. No.   Description   Pack Size  
N2400-0001        Vortex IR     1  
N2400-1008   Vortex IR Replacement Cup for Single Test Tube   1  
N2400-1001   Vortex IR Foam Attachment for 19 x 1.5ml Microcentrifuge Tubes   1  
N2400-1002   Vortex IR Foam Attachment for 5 x 15ml (16mm diam. Tubes)   1  
N2400-1003   Vortex IR Foam Attachment for 4 x 50ml (29mm diam.) Tubes   1  
N2400-1004   Vortex IR Foam Attachment for Microtitre Plates   1  
N2400-1005   Vortex IR Universal Rubber Attachment, 50mm diam.   1  
N2400-1006   Vortex IR Customisable Soft Foam Attachment   1  
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