Stable at +35°C for 30 days

Exceptional stability at ambient temperature - Stability TAG Technology

All enzymes produced at Solis BioDyne are exceptionally stable at ambient temperature due to a specific genetic modification - Stability TAG. Stability TAG increases polypeptide self life and its tolerance for temperature at a wider scale without compromising the properties of the polypeptide itself. After being stored at ambient temperature for one month (tested up to +35°C), the enzyme remained fully active.

Stability TAG Technology is now applied in all of Solis BioDynes products providing the client with enzymes, end-point Master Mixes and qPCR Mixes with exceptional stability at ambient temperature.


Tested on a variety of proteins

The stabilizing effect of Stability TAG has been tested on a variety of proteins including Taq DNA Polymerase, hEPO, PCNA, pyrophosphatase and hLIF.


Stability TAG does not effect the properties of the protein

A number of tests with different Stability TAG attached proteins revealed no affect on protein properties. For example, pluripotency was maintained in ES cells during gene targeting using Stability TAG-hLIF; amplification of DNA using Stability TAG-Taq DNA Polymerase (FIREPol® DNA Polymerase) was performed with the same efficiency and accuracy as with regular Taq.



Storage at +35ºC does not effect enzyme performance

Our products have been tested for stability at +35°C. Our enzymes FIREPol® and HOT FIREPol® DNA Polymerase exhibited no alteration in performance even after four weeks at +35°C (Figure A). Also no change in performance was detected between qPCR Mix stored at -20°C and the mix stored at +35°C.

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