73850, Mouse-Ear Identification Tag, box of 100 pcs

Mouse Ear Identification Tags, box of 100 pcs

These small numbered tags are used extensively in research institutions around the world. The small metal ear tags are perfectly suited for mice and rats. They are easy to apply with metal applicator. Choose numbers between 0000 and 9999, ot one letter and 3 numbers (A001 to Z999). 100/box.

The open ear tag has to be placed carefully - without bending - between the holding spring and the incision.

The male part of the ear tag has to be in upwards position. The tag will stay in the jaw of the applicator just by being hold from pressure of the spring.

The tag should be placed near to the head - not to the edge - to avoid losing them. While applying, the stud punches the ear and is riveting through the female part of the tag.

Please pay attention not to meet vessels or cartilage when applying. By pressing the handles, the tag can be closed easily.

73850, Mouse-Ear Identification Tag, box of 100 pcs is available to buy in increments of 1


Small Animal Ear Tags 

FUNCTION To identify a particular rodent with a numbered tag.
CHARACTERISTICS A small tag bearing an identification number is attached to the ear of a mouse or rat when the handles of the applicator are squeezed.
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Manufacturer Hauptner-Herberholz
Size / Rxns Number: 100 pcs/box
Protocol & Manual No
Technical Tips No
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