Cryotrim 20 and 45

trim 45
trim 20

For successful ultramicrotomy in biology and materials science, precise trimming is mandatory. 

The DiATOME trim 45 and trim 20 diamond blades will fulfil all your trimming requirements, allowing quick, easy and accurate trimming. 

Due to the extreme sharpness of our diamond blades, less mechancial damage is applied to the sample during trimming. 

Very shiny sample faces and precise sides are the result. 

The trim 45 produces pyramidal sides with an inclined angle of 45° and the trim 20 pyramidal sides with an inclined angle of 20°.
SiC, SiO2, TiO2 and AlO3 nanoparticles
in polymer matrix.
Claudia Mayrhofer, TU Graz.


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