Histo Jumbo

histo Jumbo

For 3D reconstruction it is imperative not to loose a single section (M. J. F. Blumer et al., Journal of Neuroscience Methods 120, pp. 11 – 16, 2002). 

The large Jumbo boat as well as the adhesive (Pattex compact by Henkel) applied to the upper side of the sample block increase the distinct advantages of our histo knives. 

They allow:
•  easy production of section ribbons (0.5 – 2 µm)
no section loss
no folding
the same orientation of all sections
easy collection of section ribbons
multiple ribbons on one glass slide
perfect for immuno-histo-chemistry.
Eye of A. peroni: photographic sequence of some semithin sections of a complete serie through the eye. L = lens; RE = retina.
Michael J. F. Blumer, Institut für Zoologie, Universität Wien.
Reprinted from: Ribbons of semithin sections: an advanced method with a new type of diamond knife. Journal of Neuroscience Methods 120, pp. 11 - 16, 2002, with permission from Elsevier.


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