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OVER 10.000 PRODUCTS for microscopists at all levels and for all disciplines.

Keep up to date with the latest News from Agar Scientific.          New Products          Agar Scientific is now pleased offer maintenance and repair services for EM labs either on call-out or as an annual service contract tailored to meet your needs.

A leading international supplier of scientific instruments and accessories for over 40 years, Agar Scientific specialises in consumables and equipment supporting all forms of microscopy.

Our eCommerce web site is packed full of products and accessories to help you with all your requirements, along with useful features to help you find and order more quickly and efficiently from our extensive range of microscopy, laboratory and medical supplies and equipment.

Our worldwide network of knowledgeable agents and distributors will be pleased to supply you locally.

Their technical teams have extensive experience in specimen preparation and microscopy techniques and will be happy to assist you in the selection and use of Agar Scientific’s products.



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