Wi-Fi Cameras - WF Series


WIFI Cameras – WF Series 


OPTIKAM WiFi is the future of connectivity, with the ability to share your image/video with one, simple step instead of several.

Connectable with any device (smartphones, tablets, PCs) just by entering a specific URL address – with any type of browser, this camera is a great response for teaching purposes and discussion groups.
It can virtually be connected to an unlimited users, but in order to have a good live speed, we do not recommend to exceed 20 devices simultaneously connected.

The camera can be also used as a standard USB camera: in USB mode, the resolution is 5 MP, which becomes 2 MP in case of Wi-fi mode, to ensure a higher live speed.

It has a CMOS sensor and can be connected both on a trinocular C-mount port and eyepiece tube; it comes with the user-friendly and intuitive OPTIKA Vision Lite software (when using it in USB mode).



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