GEM Series - Research Lab Upright Microscopes


Gemological Stereomicroscopes

SZM-GEM-1/2 models

These two models are typical gem microscopes with fixed stand.

A special ultrabright LED-based electronic condenser, with intensity control, and perfectly colour-matched to sunlight, allows to switch from bright to dark field. The condenser uses a new optical configuration for a perfect dark field usability range. 

OPTIGEM-3/4 models

These models are classic gem microscopes with tilting stand.
The darkfield condenser uses a typical optical configuration, based on an halogen illumination system and a classic reflecting system.
A flexible arm with a fluorescent tube simulates north facing daylight for accurate color grading. 

OPTIGEM-1/2 models

The OPTIGEM-1 and OPTIGEM-2 Microscopes are a revolutionary 2-in-1 gemmology instruments that can be used both as a vertical and as horizontal microscopes, at the turn of a knob and without disassembling any part.
A special ultrabright LED-based electronic condenser, with intensity control, and yet always perfectly colour-matched to sunlight, allows to switch from bright to dark field at the flip of a switch.
The condenser uses a novel optical configuration for an impressive dark field usability range, that will make you totally forget those uncomfortable hours spent “looking for light”. An additional flexible arm and velvet-field slider allow for extra contrast, for crisp and vibrant images even in a brigtly lit environment.
A modular optional accessory range, that includes gemmology clips, an iris aperture diaphragm, a polarization analysis kit, an optical unit to switch the dark field from a “sharp” (gem exhibition) to a “soft” (diamond analysis) mode and a translating cell holder with vacuum pick-up and quartz immesion cells complete and enhance the instrument usability.
All the accessories can be stacked, in any order, both when the microscope is being used as a horizontal unit and when it is in its vertical configuration.
The microscope body can be rotated through a full 360°, yet keeping the base sturdly fixed on the table, to show gems to a potential customer, or to share opinions with a colleague.
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